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Trunk Is Now ThinkSocial for Mastodon

05 Feb 2023

ThinkSocial App Icon

Trunk, the Mastodon app for iOS with a unique horizontal timeline is now ThinkSocial for Mastodon.

When I was preparing for the original TestFlight launch of the app, I wasn’t even sure I was going to finish the app. I was mostly concerned with creating a proof of concept and getting some immediate feedback about the usefulness of a horizontal timeline.

But to upload an app, even a beta to TestFlight, you have to call it something. And “Untitled Mastodon App” was to big to fit on the homescreen. I searched for a Mastodon body part that wasn’t already taken, and eventually settled on “Trunk”. But everytime I use that name I think of either Dragon Ball Z, or swimwear. And it’s not that unique.

Why “ThinkSocial”? For years I have published apps under the “ThinkUltimate” business name1. None of those apps have been very successful, but they have included “ThinkMessenger”, “ThinkDialer”, “ThinkScore” as well as several others that never shipped. I hope to eventually be able to have a sustainable business making indie apps, and having a consistent naming system seems useful.

If you’re interested in trying out ThinkSocial, you can join the beta and follow me for more updates. ThinkSocial uses a horizontal timeline that puts the full context of each post front and center which encourages a more focused, deeper experience.

  1. A few years ago I let thinkultimate.com expire. Someone is now squating on it and wants over $5,000 for it. When Mastodon first started to gain traction last Fall I almost bought think.social but passed on it and someone took that one as well (although there’s no price listed so maybe they are looking to do something with it). Let that be a lesson: hoard your domains.